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Meeting Report May 2009

The May Meeting for the Guild took place at Peter Hancocks house in Howick. It was very well attended with a good number of models and some interesting meccano collectable items on show.

Gerald Hart brought along two nicely modelled narrow guage tank locomotives one of which had a most unusual funnel ( a large calibre bullet casing )

Artilliary Cannon

Henry Porter had brought along a nice model of an Artilliary cannon and a search light truck.

Henry also brought his Dan Dare spaceship from a 1950's kitset and Rick Vine had a lancaster aircraft made from the 00 set, one of the Christmas models from 2008

Rick Vine had also made an Orrery and had a selection of the new Tinned robot sets.

Les Megget had brought along his 1920'2 steam engine and a Foden truck made in red green meccano.

Grahan and Kegan Wrightson had a Airport Fire truck and a number of cranes from various meccano eras.

Some unusual meccano collectables were brought along by Don Stewart which provided a lot of interest as they were parts not commonly seen, they included the Meccano Shuttle, reed hook, Flywheel, Wood roller and Sand roller

Michael Holderness had constructed a mini roundabout and a number of miniature figures with meccano brassware.

Neil Carey had finished building his Beg Ben and George Ovenden had made a beautiful little traction engine.

Guild members Michael Holderness, Rick Vine, Bob Pentney and Bruce Haines

Others to attend were Gary Higgins who brought a home made wooden shuttle, John Denton, Peter Hancock, Richard sealey, William irwin who brought a selection of meccano related literature, Bob Pentney who had a meccano display sheet.

To see more pictures click on the picture of David Walls electric solenoid engine at the right.

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