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Published by the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers with the aim of uniting Meccano clubs and individual Meccano modellers, to promote and encourage the enjoyment of Meccano.

This website replaces the website previously run by Wes Dalefield. The New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers extends its appreciation and thanks to Wes for flying the flag of the NZFMM for many years despite his moving away from New Zealand.
Wes Dalefield's Meccano/Erector website can be found by clicking here.

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Flash Announcement:

The 2019 NZFM Meccano Convention organised by the MWT Meccano Club took place from Good Friday 19 April to Easter Sunday 21 April 2019 at the Inglewood Town Hall, 34 Cutfield St. Inglewood 4330, Taranaki.

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The latest issue of the NZFMM Magazine is Volume 43 No. 2, May 2019.
The key article is:
NZFMM Convention 2019

Click here for a list of contents.

Latest Website Updates:

Meccano Club details updated.

Article added: Clock Kit 2 modifications by Oscar Fontan.

Andreas Konkoly model list updated to include latest RMG pubications. see Literature Indexes.

Links to 2 YouTube videos by Peter McGavin of past exhibitions added.
See 2001 Wellington Convention and 2003 Hawera convention.

NZFMM Magazine information updated. See NZFMM Magazine Information.

Details of the March Madness 2014 gathering added.

NZFMM conventions 1978 - 1991 added. See Historical NZFMM conventions.

Description of NZFMM Auckland Easter convention 2013 added.

Andreas Konkoly model list updated and comments added re display of Excel files. Link provided to Konkoly model page on RMG website. See Literature Indexes.

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