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2023 Christchurch Tinwald Convention


The 2023 NZFMM convention was hosted this year by the
Christchurch Meccano Club. It was held from Saturday 22nd April to Monday 24th April at the Tinwald War Memorial Hall 10 Graham St. Tinwald.

Prizewinners were as follows: (presented by Neil Pluck, Christchurch Club President)

All photos kindly supplied by Daryl Anderson (unless otherwise noted).

1st Senior Exhibitor and recipient of the NZFMM Senior Trophy:

Stephen Westmoreland, for Clucky the Hen.

2nd Senior Exhibitor:

David Couch For his Meccano Artist which drew pictures all day.

3rd Senior Exhibitor:

Stephen Styles for Team NZ AC75 Racing Yacht

1st Senior Public, and recipient of the
Peter Hancock People's Choice trophy :

David Couch
for his Connect 4 player.

2nd Senior Public:

Stephen Styles for his amazing Ping Pong Ball Machine that performed without fault entertaining one and all.

3rd Senior Public:

John Stark for his French Knitting Machines

1st Junior Exhibitor:

Alex Lang for his construction site

2nd Junior Exhibitor:

Sam Lang for his Big Bad Triker

3rd Junior Exhibitor:

Thomas Woermann for his vehicle dispay

Neil Pluck holding the Club Trophy awarded to the Christchurch Meccano Club, the oldest continuously running Meccano club in the world. (left).

The new
Peter Hancock People's Choice Trophy on a temporary base. It replaces the Bruce Baxter Memorial Trophy which reverts back to the MWT Meccano club, as Bruce was a member of that club. (right).

Exhibitors and their partners at the 2023 NZFMM convention at Tinwald.
(photo by Stephen Styles)

Further Pictures taken at the exhibution follow at random.

Don McKenzie's fantastic military models and diorama was very appropriate for ANZAC day weekend. A few red poppies were spotted here and there. The display featured Mechanised Army from 1939 as well as the later Army and Combat sets from the 1970's.

Part of the awesome historical display by Mike Howse

In addition to his French knitting machines
John Stark had a collection of his clocks on display including this impressive Grandfather Striking Clock.

X-Wing Fighter and All Terrain Armouted Transport from the Star Wars film series by David Couch

Neil Pluck's display which incuded a Meccano locomotive, Hornby O-gauge railway and Bayko buildings.

Alan Bensley
's SLJ900/32 Segmental Bridge Launching Machine which flawlessly launches a grey concrete bridge girder across the gap and lowers it gently down onto its support columns.

Display of seldom seen MOGUL steel toys by
Mike Howse. These toys were produced by Meccano Ltd. in 1974 meant for young children. Three of the models have holes punched in the chassis so that Meccano constructions can be buit on them.

Superbly modelled Kiwi, New Zealand's national bird, by
Stephen Styles

Stephen Styles had a one-man show all by himself! Fantastic models.

Daryl Anderson's
33 year old marble roller machine near the end of the 3 day show, over 29,000 marbles moved.

Peter Satterthwaite
with his breakdown crane and tank locomotive in the background.

Galloping Horses fairground model by David Littlefair.

Kevin Downie
's superb classic Blocksetter Crane.

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