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Where to buy Meccano

Where to buy Meccano?

There are many sources of Meccano throughout the world. The International Society of Meccanomen maintains an excellent list of these.

Reproduction Meccano that is made in India by Ashok Banerjee can be purchased from:
Stan Baker
Meccano Specialist
PO Box 25 444
New Zealand
Telephone: +64 21 421 750

Reproduction Meccano that is made in Argentina by Exacto can be purchased from:
Wayne Blakely
Meccano Supplies
Patikipapa Road, RD1
New Zealand
Telephone: (06) 327 6184

There are a few general hints.

  • Shop around. You will find there is wide variety of prices.

  • Be wary of postal charges, particularly on heavy lots from the UK.

  • Second hand dealers in the UK are a very economical source of parts.

  • There are many excellent manufacturers of non standard and reproduction parts that are an ideal solution to modeling problems.

  • The current range of sets can often be bought from retail chains. Again shop around.

  • Get to know your local club, you can get good advice there.

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