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1995 Christchurch Convention

NZFMM 1995 Christchurch Convention Introduction

The 1995 Bi-annual meeting of the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers was held in the picturesque Hagley Park in Christchurch. Below is a selection from the many fine models displayed at the convention.

Steam Bucket Dredge by Don Wilson

The model is based on a pre-war French steam powered, harbour bucket dredge. After the mud had been raised by the buckets, it would have been discharged into the barge in the left foreground. Another outstanding example of Don Wilson's talent!

Kenworth Truck by Colin Croft

Colin always produces models that are beautifully detailed. This model was no exception. At the exhibition you could view the operating transmission, under the truck with the mirror. This is the grey plate in the foreground. It was a marvel to view the highly polished brass gears spinning at their different speeds

"Illustrious" by David Lang

Kingsley Burrell admires the Illustrious Puddlington to Upper Twiddling Express, featuring unique rotating, democratic panorama coach.

Don Quixote by Colin Croft

Don Quixote bobs up and down, the horse trots along and everything rotates so you can admire it all! Colin modified the Horse and Chariot plan published in the March 1965 Meccano Magazine to produce this charming model. Black triangular flexible plates were used for Don Quixote's cape.

Giant Block-Setting Crane by Wes Dalefield

Wes Dalefield with his son Elroy. Many people have built a Giant Block-Setting Crane. This one is in blue. The horse and chariot on the right is constructed from the plans in the March 1965 Meccano Magazine. In SML4, each side of the boom is one and a half inches wide. To improve its appearance, this was increased to two inches and braced girders were added. These were painted blue, as used in France in the period before and after the war.

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