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1999 Auckland Convention

NZFMM 1999 Auckland Convention Introduction

The 1999 Bi-annual meeting of the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers was held at Pakuranga Community Centre, Auckland. Below is a sample from the 25 fine models photographed.

Leon Bollee Tricar 1896 by Don Wilson

One of our most accomplished Meccano modellers, Don chose this time a smaller model. It was a realistic and detailed model of a Leon Bellee tricar dated 1896. Older visitors, in particular, spent a lot of time studying and discussing Don's model.One of our most accomplished Meccano modellers, Don chose this time a smaller model. It was a realistic and detailed model of a Leon Bellee tricar dated 1896. Older visitors, in particular, spent a lot of time studying and discussing Don's model.

None of Don's models are ever built from model plans. He built the Leon Bollee from a picture on page 488 of the October 1960 Meccano Magazine. This was a photograph of the one in the Science Museum in London, which he had seen several times in the flesh (so to speak). Don found a book in the local Library of antique cars, showing a photograph of one taken from the opposite side to the Meccano Magazine picture, together with some written details of how it worked. The rest he worked out from his own knowledge.

The result was very authentic, including the gear box, band drive clutch and their operation. He put in a 6-12v Meccano electric motor (with gear ratios, hidden under the rear seat). It worked well using the drivers lever to control everything.

The left hand side showing the engine cylinder is shown alongside, and the
right hand side showing the band drive to rear wheel is shown below.

Tram Car by Neil Carey

Another of Neil Carey's large models, this time of an Auckland Transport Board 1930 Class double truck tramcar. Neil's detail included seating, widows, destination signs, trolley poles, driver and lays conductor. It received a well deserved meritorious award.

Front detail of Onehunga Tram Number 232.

1/6 scale.

The Wacht (Wind Yacht) by John Ince

A wind powered vehicle for travelling across the Sahara Desert!

Wind Power Generator by Bruce Geange

The wind power generator farm next to the Manawatu George in the Tararuas was the inspiration for this model of a Vestas V47-660 KW. With its blades turning slowly and steadily it looked very realistic.

Traction Engine, Motor Cycle with sidecar and South Seeking Chariot by William Irwin

A showman's traction engine with all wheels taped across for width. Front wheels were double spoked. A motor cycle and sidecar with genuine Meccano pre-war thin white tyres and a south seeking chariot.

A larger view of William Irwin's showman's traction engine is shown below. Spring cord has been used to represent the water hose. The canopy supports are built up from washers alternating with hexagonal nuts on a screwed rod.

P51D Mustang fighter plane by Don Malcolm

A large model which drew a lot of admiring looks. It had supports at each end of the wings, retractable main and tail wheels, red blinking gun ports in the wings. A spinning propeller added to the realism. It gained a well deserved meritorious award.

A rear view below shows the graceful lines of the aircraft, a result of the low drag airframe design. The Mustang was also an innovation in fighter airplane design, by incorporating a laminar flow airfoil section wing. The model also shows the one piece fully flying tailplane.

Electric Locomotive by Lou Nicholls

An intricately detailed model built to run on O gauge rails.

Gas Engine by David Wall

Single cylinder Gas Engine

Pontoon Crane by Robin Rye

A three crane complex by Robin Rye of Taranaki.

Ping Pong Ball Colliery by John Hansen

Based on the model on pages 28 to 42 of the March 1997 Constructor Quarterly. In the model a truck is arranged to pick up seven table tennis balls, one at a time, from the Pithead end of the model and deliver them to the Elevator end where, on arrival of the seventh, they are returned back to the start at the Pithead. The model is fully automatic and designed with the aim of maximum audience attraction and unattended performance one set up.

Locomotion No 1 by Lloyd Spackman

Now preserved for posterity in the Darlington Railway Museum, Co. Durham, England, Locomotion No.1 was built by George Stephenson. It hauled the first-ever passenger train on its 'maiden' trip from Darlington to Stockton, a distance of 14 miles on Tuesday, September 27th, 1825.

Blue Gold 1930's vintage cars by Lou Nicholls

Beautifully detailed period pieces by Lou Nicolls! The parts used are from the pre war blue-gold Meccano colour scheme.

Crawler Crane

Crawler Mounted Crane by Tony Ercolano. This was Tony's first large model of an impressive crawler mounted working crane with a 150cm jib. The crawler used 1 1/2" flat girders for the track plates. Tony deserved his commended prize for this model.

Traction Engine

Burrell Showman's Traction Engine by Robin Rye

Caledonian Locomotive

Caledonian locomotive by John Ince. This Caledonian locomotive no. 15 (1847) and tender ran to and fro automatically on a wooden track. Building instructions have now been published as MW Models Modelplan no. MP118.

Daryl Anderson's Fairground

All of these models above were built by Daryl Anderson. They made up a side show collection, including 1 metre high Ferris Wheel, Ducks in Water (pluck a duck), Ghost Train, Hot Dog Caravan, Slide, Dodgem Cars, Merry-go-round and Octopus, all of which are are shown here. Daryl showed many of these models at the 1997 Feilding meeting. This show won the award for the most outstanding exhibition model!

Ghost Train

Daryl Anderson added this "Ghost Ride" to his "attractions"! It is based on a 24.5 inch square. He used curved rack strips to drive the units. Cars push the doors open as they travel on the 1.5 minute circuit.

Gantry Crane

Wharf Scene by Don Blakeborough. The scene included a remote controlled gantry crane loading logs from flatbed wagons, and a shunting loco.


Robbie the Robot by Bob Prescott. Robbie the robot was a hit with the children. Standing a metre tall and based on Set 10 leaflet no. 27, Robbie had in his chest a tape player speaking welcoming messages. He was ably driven by a Norm LaCroix Modernised E15R motor. Robbie gained a well deserved highly commended award.


Tram Layout by Simon Moody. Simon needed a very long space for his 7 metre line on which ran a pair of modern European style tramcars. There was a passing loop in the centre of the layout.

Blocksetter Crane

Blocksetting Crane by Brian Hickson. This Titan blocksetting crane was powered by a Mamod steam engine. Brian received a highly commended award.

Bluebird Land Speed Record Car

Bluebird Land Speed Record Car by Wayne Blakely. Beautifully modeled in blue/gold and red colour scheme.

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