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Model X 2008 Report

Model X rolled around again after a years absence. The building needed renovating with some new modifications which ment it was slightly smaller than previously.
The allotted area for the Meccano displays were also less than previously and a large pole at one end of the tables limited us.
However Meccano modellers are always willing to give it a go and the display progressed according to plan with some different models arriving each day to provide interest.

A good selection of models were on display with John Denton taking the reins and setting a very high standard.
As well as the Meccano signage John had designed, he had brought along a dual height table to mount a moving display , such as horse & cart above and a number of other models on the lower levels of the table.

John Denton, Gary Higgins and Richard Sealey also helped out for the three days along with Graeme and Wrighton Keegan , David Barnard, Les Megget on Saturday, David Wall and William Irwin on Sunday and Peter Hancock on the Monday.

We were also visited by a number of Meccanomen during the Three days of the display.

Here John Denton demonstrates his version of the Konkolly horse and chariot. John built this entirely from a photograph of the original. It was a great crowd pleaser and probably the most popular model on display.

Norton Motorcycle by John Denton. An excellent rendering and very true to the original. John had it rotating on a circular platform.

John Barnard left and Richard Sealey man the meccano display. John had brought along an interesting selection of meccano books including a bound set of the 1948 Meccano magazines, The Meccano Supermodels book, The Meccano constructors guide by Bert Love and a book of all the meccano magazine covers. Richard Sealey brought a selection of meccano vintage aeroconstructor outfits which prompted much interest by the public.

Gary Higgins brought along a selection of models including an Aeroscope of his own design, his replica model boat from the 1930's shipbuilding set, a hummer truck built from USA model plans, a model from the big truck set in mustard yellow meccano, an army tank and tank transporter modelled from the 1970,s Meccano army multikit set, His uncompleted model of an Alligator Amphibious landing craft and a car from the new Mechanical workshop set.

John Dentons models included A Norton Motorcycle on a revolving base, Konkollys horse and chariot, A traction engine in black and silver, Automatic reversing railway, Fairground spider ride, Ballancing unicyclist and clock, Revolving lighted ball and flying planes, South facing chariot, Baltic locomotive, Army Jeep and Trailer, Spitfire to his own design, 3 wheel Morgan car in red and green and a small traction engine in blue and gold.

David wall brought a model of the bean rock lighthouse, a steam powered torch using a steam engine powering a generator, however it looked as if the effort put into creating the light was more than the result.
He also had a horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine running by the use of electric magnets and a scotch Yoke ( a system of valve gear for a steam engine ) The most unusual item would have to be the pillow that David insisted was bean rock and the small fixture on the top of the model which David told us was only one of four special peices made by Frank Hornby......Hmmmm

In the opposite picture David Wall and William Irwin are most likely discussing the dubious benefits of Davids steam powered lamp.

William Irwin brought along a series of dragster models from some built from the 1979 sprint action packs. these included a small wind up motor which used existing meccano gears and a special wind up spring to drive it.
He also included a dragster built with a number 5 dark blue / yellow meccano set
William had modelled a miniature Rolls Royce in nickel as well as a small aircraft and bulldozer from some of the smaller sets.

Les Megget brought his huge model of the Grove all terrain crane along and wowed the public with its size and complex mechanisms.

He also brought along a early red geared roller bearing as an unusual meccano peice.

Graeme and Kegan Wrightson brought along a series of small models including a railway display of a train with travelling crane, a tractor from the new 40 model set, a crane and windmill pump in red and green and a small blocklifting crane in red / green.

Peter Hancock brought along a meccano display model of a windmill, resplendent with its flashing lights. It was set up on the first day and worked perfectly the whole time.

An unusual selection of meccano memorabilia was provided by Lionel train enthusiast Tom Whyte who brought along a no1 special aeroconstructor in its box as well as an electron set. Both meccano rarities these days.

For those who want to see more pictures I have uploaded many more onto the flickr site which can be accessed by clicking on the picture opposite.

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