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August 2016

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 40 Issue 3 NZFMM Magazine August 2016

Cover Models from Skegex 2016
p2 Editorial
p3-7 NZR Craven 40 Ton Railway Crane Part 1: History & Carriage, by Les Megget
p8-9 Auckland Meccano Guild Meeting, May 2016
p10-13 2016 Skedex Report, by The Editor
p14-15 MWT Model Tour, April 2016
p15-16 MWT Model Tour, June 2016
p17-18 Christchurch Meccano Club Report, Second Quarter 2016
p19 Magnificent Gift for Otago Harbour, by Roland Jaspers
p20-21 Wellington Mwccano Club Meeting, July 2016
p21 Book Review: Architecture on the Carpet
p22 Dazza's Other Systems, by Daryl Anderson
p23-24 Gazza's EBAY Column, By Gary Higgins
p25-26 2016 Sydney Modellers Association Exhibition, By David Taylor
p27 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell, Exchange
p28 More Models from Skegex 2016

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