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December 2001

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 25 Issue 6 NZFMM Magazine December 2001

p1 Four Inch Carousel in full colour.
p2 Editorial and subscription details.
p3-4 Four Inch Carousel building instructions by Daryl Anderson.
p4 Christmas Tree building instructions by Bob Prescott.
p5 Another Christmas tree building instructions.
p5 Golden Spanner Award 2001.
p6 Chair-O-Plane building instructions by Bruce Neilson.
p7 Tractor 1937 John Deere “G’ building instructions by Bruce Geange.
p8 The Owl, Pussycat and Stork building instructions from Meccano Magazine December 1933.
p9 The Heathcote 0-4-0 Locomotive modification instructions by Paul Dale.
p10 Lloyd Spackman - Meet the Meccanoman.
p11 Modelling Tools by Lloyd Spackman.
p12-13 Past models “For Amusement Only” compiled by Lou Nichols.
p14-15 Replica parts manufacture (continued) by Bill Inglis.
p15 Paris to Dakar Tour using the Meccano Car Chassis.
p16-17 Meccano at a Hobby Display in Greymouth by Neil Pluck.
p17 Paul Dale Introduction.
p18 Bruces choices from the Meccano magazines from around the world.
p19 Spanner Report November 2001 from the Internet discussion group by William Irwin.
p20 Bits and Pieces by Lloyd Spackman.
p21-23 NZ Meccano Club meeting and show reports for November 2001.
p24 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell, Exchange.

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