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Obituary George Ovenden

George Clive Ovenden
29th October 1927 - 24 May 2015

It is my sad duty to record the death of George Ovenden. George died on the 24th of May in his 88th year after a short illness. I have known him for almost 40 years, we first met in 1976 when he became a member of the Auckland Meccano Association as it was then known.

George was a quiet unassuming Englishman who was devoted to our hobby. His models were well constructed and always of interest to our members.

In 1979 it was decided to change over from monthly to quarterly meetings which were to be held in members' homes. George was the first to offer his home in Britten Avenue, Mt.Roskill as a meeting venue. Thus the first of these meetings was held on Wednesday 20th June, 1979. Later when the family moved over to Richards Avenue, Milford the meetings continued, only ceasing in 2003 when George and Joan moved into the Knightsbridge Retirement Village where space was too limited for them to continue.

More recently George was unable to participate fully in our Guild's activities due to suffering from several strokes which impaired his mobility, however, his enthusiasm for Meccano modelling did not diminish, although now on a less ambitious scale. George was also a keen refurbisher of old parts and, taking advantage of Joan's absence from the home on one occasion, he used the kitchen stove to dry the enamel after a spray-painting session. Joan of course found out, her reaction has not been recorded!

Elizabeth and I also came to know George and Joan on a social basis frequently meeting for lunch and often travelling together to Meccano functions held out of Auckland. We were always on the lookout for Meccano bargains in 2nd hand shops on the way. We also managed a 10 day jaunt to the Sunshine Coast a few years ago.

We will all miss George's quiet humour and unflappable manner and his boundless enthusiasm for all things Meccano.

Finally, on behalf of all members of the Auckland Meccano Guild, I extend sincere condolences to Joan and her family.

David Wall
Auckland Meccano Guild

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