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April 2001

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 25 Issue 2 NZFMM Magazine April 2001

p2 Editorial.
p3 100 years of Meccano by Lou Nichols.
p4 The Limited Edition Block Setting Crane Set.
p6 Photographs of Railway Locomotive models at the 2001 Exhibition by Bryan Jones & John Ince.
p8 Certificate and Badge commemoratives from the 2001 Exhibition.
p8 Michael Adler biography.
p9 NZFMM Annual General Meeting proceedings 2001 by Bruce Neilson.
p10 Coloured photographs of Models and Modellers at the 2001 Exhibition by John Ince.
p12 Meccano Differential Analyser No 2 follow up.
p13 to p16 Club reports from Wellington, Auckland, MWT, and Christchurch Meccano Clubs.
p15 Photograph of MWT Meccano Club members by Bruce Geange.
p17 Bits and Pieces, by Lloyd Spackman.
p18 Precision oil dispenser by Bob Prescott.
p18 How to photograph models by John Ince.
p19 The International Society of Meccanomen (ISM) by John Ince.
p20 New Zealand Club Diary 2001, Contacts, and Buy, Sell, Exchange.

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