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Meccano OnLine The website of the International Society of Meccanomen (ISM), information and eMag for Meccano users. The ISM represents many Meccanomen from over 27 countries worldwide. The world of Meccano is presented on this web site, with special sections on the ISM itself as well as obtaining membership, model building, collecting and matters of general interest to Meccanomen.
The ISM also has a Facebook presence at

Links to Meccano societies throughout the world can be found on the Meccano Online website under
Meccano Societies.

NZ Meccano Charles Steadman has an excellent site with useful materials for meccano builders and collectors alike. Home of the updated meccano parts listings with photos of all the possible variations. A photo gallery where you can leave photos, or video for others to gaze upon. Hints and tips on restoration / models and collecting.

Wes Dalefield Meccano An eclectic mix of various Meccano subjects including Cabinets & Chests for large Meccano Sets, Pre WWII Meccano Sets & Outfits, Post WWII Meccano Sets & Outfits, Miscellanous Mechanisms and much more.

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