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April 2005

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 29 Issue 2 NZFMM Magazine April 2005

p1 Parrot and Jigger by Lou Nichols in full colour.
p2 Editorial and subscription details.
p3 Daryl Anderson’s President’s report.
p4 Prize winners at 2005 Convention.
p4 NZFMM Magazine Editor’s report.
p5-6 The Parrot and Jigger.
p7 Overseas visitors to 2005 Convention.
p8 GMM SML 5 Road Locomotive commentary by Simon Johnson.
p9 Jim Crarer obituary.
p9 Important dates for 2006 March Madness and 2007 Convention.
p10 2005 Convention as seen by Graham Jost.
p11 You, Divorce and Meccano by Bruce Neilson.
p11 David Wall – NZFMM Life member.
p12-13 Dockside Crane, Backhoe Excavator, and Locomotive in full colour.
p14 Spanner items of interest.
p15 Foden Steam Tractor ‘Samantha’ coincidences by Bob Prescott.
p15 After dinner chocolates by Costa Mecano.
p16 Bruce’s choices from the Meccano magazines around the world.
p17 Lloyd’s Bits and Pieces.
p17 Peter Kessler in New Zealand.
p18-21 Club reports and exhibition notes.
p22 John’s eBay Auction Column.
p23 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell, Exchange.
p24 Tadano Truck Crane with Les Megget and Meccano picture found in NZ school in full colour.

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