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April 2007

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 31 Issue 2 NZFMM Magazine April 2007

p1 Motor Chassis Dealer's Model, by Alistair Tong.
p2 Editorial.
p3-5 Meccano Revolving Motor Car Chassis Demonstration Model - An Odyssey, by Alistair Tong.
p6-7 A Pitch and Roll Mechanism for a Sailing Ship, by John Ince.
p7 King Gidra - A New Set, by Dave Denner.
p8 President's Address to NZFMM 2007 Convention, by Daryl Anderson.
p8 Convention 2007 Prize Winners.
p9-10 2007 Convention, The Modellers and their Models, by Lloyd Spackman.
p10 Faces at Convention 2007.
p11 What Our Readers Say.
p11 Marks & Spencer Vintage Set no. 0230.
p12-13 The First and Second Prizewinning Models at convention 2007.
p14 A Photograph or a No. 10 Set, by Simon Johnston.
p15 Collecting Shoe.
p16-17 Spanner.
p17 Lloyd's Bits & Pieces.
p18 Magazine Reviews by Bruce Neilson.
p19 March Madness 2008.
p19 Falkirk Wheel - Mini Version, by Paul Dale.
p20-21 Building the Great Pyramid, Some Egyptian Tools Made in Meccano, by Tom Pittams.
p21 MW Mail Order.
p22 John's eBay Auction Column.
p23 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell & Exchange.
p24 The Third Prizewinning Model at Convention 2007.

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