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April 2008

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 32 Issue 2 NZFMM Magazine April 2008

p1 Aeroscope by Gary Higgins.
p2 Editorial.
p3-5 The Aeroscope in Meccano, by Gary Higgins.
p6-8 A Purpose Built Meccano Cabinet, by David Wells & Al Smaller.
p8 Jupiter and Galilean Moons Orrery, by Paul Dale.
p9-11 Mercedes Actros 8x4 Prime Mover (Tractor) Unit, by Les Megget.
p11 Meccano as Art?, by Lloyd Spackman.
p12 M W Models Fairground Roundabout or Carousel, by Vern Ellis.
p13 Summary of Contents in Recent Magazines, by the Editor.
p14 Spanner: Envelopes for Nuts and Bolts.
p15 Meccano Transfers - 1930 and 1941, by Geoff Brown.
p16 Some Readers comments.
p16 NZFMM Balance Sheet 2008.
p17 Lloyd's Bits & Pieces.
p18-22 NZ Club reports.
p23 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell & Exchange.
p24 Mike Stoodley's Traction Engine.

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