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August 2001

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 25 Issue 4 NZFMM Magazine August 2001

p1 "Iron Duke" in full colour by John Ince.
p2 Guest Editorial, John Ince.
p3 More about Cranes feathered and otherwise.
p3 Obituary, Frank Price.
p4 "Iron Duke" The prototype, the model and the Model Plan by John Ince.
p6 Bagnall Tractor and Trailers. A model to build by Bruce Geange.
p8 Meet the Meccanoman - Bryan Jones.
p9 What our readers think. David Wall, Lloyd Spackman and Neil Pluck.
p10 Sir Harry Kroto - the Radio interview.
p11 The Wisdom of Keith Cameron letters by Lloyd Spackman.
p12 Stationary Steam Engines - Pictures from the 2001 Convention.
p14 Restoring a Meccano T20 Transformer by Alistair Tong.
p15 Bits and Pieces by Lloyd Spackman.
p16 The Internet Spanner Report August 2001 by William Irwin.
p17 The Pick of the Overseas magazine articles by Bruce Neilson.
p18 Auckland Meccano Club Meetings August 2001 by Peter Hancock.
p19 MWT Meccano Club Report August 2001.
p20 Wellington Meccano Club Meetings June and August 2001 by Laurie Webb and Bryan Jones.
p21 Christchurch Meccano Club Meetings June, July and August 2001 by Ian Torrens.
p21 Digital Camera photography by John Ince.
p22 Index 1995 to 2000 by Lloyd Spackman
p24 New Zealand Club Diary 2001, Contacts, and Buy, Sell, Exchange

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