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August 2002

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 26 Issue 4 NZFMM Magazine August 2002

p1 Portable Engine by Bruce Geange in full colour.
p2 Editorial and subscription details.
p3-Skegex 2002 by Anne Prescott.
p4-7 The Robot Gargantua by Chris Shute.
p7 Bevel Gear problem follow up.
p8-9 Death of a Dinosaur Part 2 – The commercial fortunes of Meccano Ltd.
p10 Spanner Report August 2002 from the Internet discussion group.
p11 Bruce’s choices from the Meccano magazines from around the world.
p12-17 A Portable Engine model plan by Bruce Geange.
p18 Non-Meccano Sets Part 3.
p19 Lloyd’s Bits and Pieces.
p20 Beginner’s Luck by Brian Taylor.
p21-27 NZ Meccano Club meeting reports for May & August 2002.
p27 John’s eBay Auction Column.
p28 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell, Exchange.

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