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August 2006

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 30 Issue 4 NZFMM Magazine August 2006

p1 McKarno Toddler by William Irwin in full colour.
p2 Editorial and subscription details.
p3 Obituaries, Ian Cameron and David Barrett.
p3 NZ Convention 2007 notice.
p4-6 McKarno Toddler modelplan by William Irwin.
p7-8 Crane Automatic Brake controlled by a differential by Alistair Tong.
p9-10 The Meccano Magazine from ‘This England’ magazine.
p11-12 Frank Hornby from ‘This England’ magazine.
p13 Patent No 587 – the original Meccano patent.
p13 Concorde set review by Bob Prescott.
p14-16 Spanner Internet topics – Accuracy of Modelplans, lubrication, etc
p17 Lloyd’s Bits and Pieces.
p18-21 Club reports.
p22 John’s eBay Auction Column.
p23 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell, Exchange.
p24 Photos of Skegex 2006 winners in full colour.

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