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December 2003

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 27 Issue 6 NZFMM Magazine December 2003

p3 Building Instructions for Lloyd's Jeep.
p4-6 My Story of a Lorry Mounted Crane.
p7-9 Mantel Clock with Briggs’ Escapement.
p9 Progress on MOTAT Exhibition.
p10-11 The Canadian Sheriff.
p11 News of New Meccano sets for 2004.
p11 Thoughts on turntables.
p12-13 Ferris Wheel Set 8257.
p12-13 All About Trains.
p14-16 Spanner.
p17 Bits and Pieces.
p18-19 Bruce's Choice.
p19 Colin Cohen - an autobiography.
p20 Jock Clouston obituary.
p20 Ampworks MotorVator™ Programmable Controller.
p21-22 Club Reports.
p23 Club Diary and Buy & Sell.
p23 Low and Cunning Dodges.
p24 Junior Prize Winners at Convention 2003.

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