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February 2000

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 24 Issue 1 NZFMM Magazine February 2000

p2 Editorial.
p3 Project Orville and Wilbur, by Bob Prescott.
p5 P51D Mustang, by Donald Malcolm. See photographs of it from the 1999 Auckland Exhibition.
p7 The Little black 6 Volt Motor, from Meccanotes June 1999.
p9 My Initiation into Meccano, by John Slattery.

p10 More Wisdom of Keith Cameron – edited by Lloyd Spackman.
p11 An Engineer’s Approach to the Santa Claus Enigma, by Paolo Caravanni.
p12 The Bruce Geange and MWT Tractor, by Lloyd Spackman.
p13 Meccano Gearing : Meshing at non-standard spacings, by Graeme O’Neill.
p14 Six Wheel Truck (drawing).
p15 Bits and Pieces, by Lloyd Spackman.
p16 Christchurch Meccano Club report.
p17 Wellington Meccano Club report.
p18 Auckland Meccano Club report.
p19 MWT Meccano Club report.
p20 The tools on my Modelling Table : Screwdrivers, by Bruce Neilson.
p22 NMMG Mascot goes Skiing, by Lloyd Spackman.
p22 The Creation, poem by Alan E Baker.

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