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February 2008

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 32 Issue 1 NZFMM Magazine February 2008

p1 Mini Grove Crane, by Les Megget.
p2-3 Some Words from Your New Editor.
p3 Obituary: Joyce Blakeborough 1936 - 2007
p4-5 USA's Daylight Express Train, by Rob Campbell.
p6-8 Mini Grove Rough Terrain Crane, by Les Megget.
p8 Model Expo at Napier Boys High School, by David Glenday.
p9 Meccano Design 3 Set, by Vern Ellis.
p9 Plastic Meccano, by Vern Ellis.
p10-13 Keeps Good Time When Adjusted, by Lindsay Carroll.
p14-15 4-4-0 Locomotive, by Bob Prescott.
p16 Spanner.
p17 Lloyd's Bits & Pieces.
p18-20 Club Reports.
p21-22 The Auction Page, by Charles Steadman.
NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell & Exchange.
p24 Colour pictures.

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