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February 2011

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 35 Issue 1 NZFMM Magazine February 2011

p1 USS Enterprise in flight, by William Irwin.
p1 Tandem Compound Corliss Mill Engine, by Henry Porter.
p2 Editorial.
p3-4 My USS Enterprise Spaceship, by William Irwin.
p5-6 Meccano Versus Eitech, How do they compare? by Les Megget.
p7-8 My Life with Meccano, by Jeff Clark.
p8 Meccano in Music, by Jim Parlane.
p9 Tandem Compound Corliss Mill Engine, by Henry Porter.
p10-12 The Design and Making of a Scale Model, Part4 - The Crane Boom.
p13 Letter to the Editor: Malcolm Booker's Eiffel Tower.
p13 Meccano Conventions, by Don Blakeborough.
p14 Wallpaper Roller and Blotter, by David Wall.
p14-16 Te Papa Museum Meccano Display, by Les Megget.
p17 Lloyd's Bits & Pieces.
p19 A look into the Past.
p18-23 Club Reports.
p23 Obituary: Alistair Tong.
p24 The 2011 Convention, and News from John Pond.
p25 Historic Meccano Publications.
p26 John's eBay Auction Column.
p27 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell, Exchange.
p28 Pictures from the Te Papa Meccano Exhibition.

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