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Fontan Clock Kit 2 modifications

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Improvements to the Meccano Clock Kit No. 2
By Oscar E Fontan
Club Argentina Meccano

Translated from Spanish by Courtesy of William Irwin
formerly of the Cape Town Meccano club

Oscar Fontan of Buenos Aires in Argentina visited the Cape Town Meccano club in 1981 and left the original Spanish instructions plus photos for his article (which I still have) with the club for translation into English. It was eventually published by the Canadian Meccano Club as Model Plan no 3 as a supplement to the Canadian Mrccanoman's Newsletter no 11 in June 1984 (see image below).

As originaly published the print is rather small in order to fit it into 8 pages and the pictures are small and not very clear. This Model plan was one of the few not to be re-published in the new series of Canadian Model Plans later, so it is not currently available.

To remedy the situation the original model plan in Spanish with pictures as produced by Oscar Fontan, as well as the English translation produced by the Cape Town Meccano Club are made available here as two PDF document files as follows:

1. Reloj Meccano No. 2 Modificaciones (Spanish text and pictures).

2. Improvements to the Meccano Clock Kit no. 2 (English translation)

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