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May 2009

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 33 Issue 2 NZFMM Magazine May 2009

p1 Meccanoville Minature Railway, by Bob Prescott.
p2 Editorial.
p3-4 Meccanoville Miniature Railway, by Bob Prescott model plan.
p5 The MOTAT Differential Analyser Now Operational, by William Irwin.
p6-7 Gunnar Berger - A Man Influenced by Meccano, by Chris Rickard.
p8 Your Next Model?, by John Ince.
p9 Factory of Dreams Review, by Lou Nichols.
p9 Visitors to 2009 Christchurch Exhibition, by Anne Prescott.
p10-11 Impressions of the 2009 Meccano Exhibition, by Les Megget.
p12-13 Pictures of the Exhibition by Les Megget.
p14 2009 Easter Meccano Exhibition, by Gary Higgins.
p15-16 Report of the Business transacted at the biennial General Meeting of the NZFMM on April 11th 2009,by Peter Hancock, President NZFMM.
p16 Meet NZFMM Members: John S. Denton (Auckland Meccano Guild).
p17 Lloyd's Bits and Pieces.
p18-21 Club Reports.
p22 John's eBay Auction Column.
p23 NZ Club Diary and Buy, Sell, Exchange.
p23 A Netherlands Story.
p24 More Pictures of the 2009 Exhibition, by Gary Higgins.

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