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October 2008

NZFMM Magazines

Volume 32 Issue 5 NZFMM Magazine October 2008

p1 Makatote Viaduct, by Bruce Geange.
p2 Editorial.
p3-4 A Model of the Makatote Viaduct, by Bruce Geange.
p5-6 A Century-old Bus, by Roger Keey.
p7 A 1950s MM Crane, by Graeme Fisher.
p8-9 My South Seeking Chariot, by William Irwin.
p10-11 Railway Breakdon Crane, by Stephen Lacey.
p12-13 Some More of Les Megget's Pictures from SkegEx 2008.
p14 AMRA Exhibition 2008, by Ross Smith.
p15-16 Doug Muff's Meccano Misadventure.
p16 Bill Baker (1922-2008) Obituary.
p16 What our Readers Think.
p17 Lloyd's Bits & Pieces.
p18-22 Club Reports.
NZ Club Diary.
p23 So what is the ISM? by Bob Prescott.
p24 Century-old Bus and South Seeking Chariot.

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